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We contribute to TU Berlin being a better place for work, research, and teaching. More about us.

Thank you for voting for us in the 2024 university elections!
We continue to be the majority group of research assistants, holding 50 % of seats in Academic Senate and the one seat in Kuratorium.
Our flyer (German, PDF).

2024-06-06: We are glad that President Geraldine Rauch stays! Präsidentin Rauch macht weiter – Stellungnahme der Mittelbauinitiative

Meetings: Usually on Mondays, 16:15, H 30W20
Next: 2024-07-15 16:15
Mittelbauinitiative TU Berlin

We are committed to and push for:

Great research and teaching conditions

We want everyone to develop their research, teaching, and outreach using proper infrastructure on career paths without dead ends.

Efficient, digitalized processes

Be it travel expenses, contract extensions, or other administration, everything should go through quick, easy, and transparent workflows.

Permanent academic positions

The new BerlHG provisions should be used to stabilize university structure and career paths through permanent employment.

Good working conditions

Everyone (student assistants, academic and non-academic staff alike!) should be covered by collective agreements and proper contracts.

Societal responsibility

The university must shape the social-technical transformation for sustainability and equality. From family friendliness on campus up to new forms of urban mobility.

… and your issues!

We always value input and concerns from colleagues. Just reach out to us!

We accomplished:

Five-year full-time contracts

Through an administrative agreement, TU researchers can count on proper contracts to finish their PhD theses.

Better doctoral regulations

The new doctoral regulations (Promotionsordnung) give more power to doctoral students (e.g. supervision agreements, access to evaluations).

Parity in president elections

We fought to have future university presidents to be elected based on quarter parity between member groups.

A voice for doctoral students

With the new university constitution, doctoral candidates receive an institutional representation.

Workable AllgStuPO

We ensured the revised general study regulations to not significantly increase teaching and examination load.

...and we keep kicking on!

Our team for 2024 to 2026

Thank you for trusting us with your votes!

Alex Wiemhoefer

Alex Wiemhoefer

IV / Sensorik und Aktuatorik

AS-Candidate 2024–2026

Nadine Karsten

Nadine Karsten

IV / Modelle und Theorie verteilter Systeme

AS-Candidate 2024–2026

Thies Johannsen

Thies Johannsen

V / Konstruktion von Maschinensystemen

BUA-Kör advisory board, AS-Candidate 2024–2026

Mathias Hofmann

Mathias Hofmann

III / Energietechnik und Umweltschutz

Haushaltsausschuss, Kuratorium & Ku-Candidate 2024

Wulf-Holger Arndt

Wulf-Holger Arndt

Zentrum Technik und Gesellschaft

Strukturkommission, Kuratorium & Ku-Candidate 2024

Benjamin Bisping

Benjamin Bisping

IV / Modelle und Theorie verteilter Systeme

Ini-Orga, LAM Berlin & Ku-Candidate 2024–2026

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We are affiliated with professors, staff, and students at TU in Reformfraktion, and with colleagues throughout Germany in NGAWiss.